Einer der Gründe hierfür sei die enorme Popularität von Computerspielen im Asiatischem Raum.


But for GGL, and apparently for China, video gaming is serious business. "This event will be heavily covered by the media," says Fong Hong, who is honorary general secretary of the China Internet Gaming Organizing Committee, editor of a large-circulation national technology newspaper called Netizen and an employee of the Chinese Ministry of Information Industries. If he says so, it is likely to be so.

Says a very optimistic Owen: "We believe the crowds we'll get will be far larger than for the Olympic games themselves." The venues, still to be chosen, are likely to be big soccer stadiums - not unusual for gaming competitions in China and elsewhere in Asia. Video gaming is rapidly becoming one of the world's most popular spectator sports, with audiences, especially in Asia, numbering many millions both live and on TV.

Die offizielle Meldung seitens GGL gibt es hier.

✉ Marco Götze//